Movie weather

It is currently dumping rain along with lighting and house rumbling thunder here.
You know what that means?...
POPCORN and a movie!

So, as I'm standing at the stove making popcorn {yes, I make popcorn on the stove!}pondering what movie I should watch, I realized I have a handful of movies that I can ALWAYS watch.  It doesn't matter if I just watched them yesterday.  I can {and do} watch them again.  So, here are a handful of movies I never get sick of.

This is a great movie.  I'm pretty sure the world just wouldn't be the same without it!

Now these two are pretty equal, I might not always want to watch one, but I could always watch one or the other.

Both will make you laugh, but you'll be quoting mean girls for days.

Not only is this movie funny, but it has a great cast! I love them all!

Here's an older one, I just watched it the other day.

I love Goldie Hawn in this movie.  Everything from the clothes to the attitude... it's great.

And now, the movie that I will an just a minute get up and put on...

I have seen this movie enough times to know every single line.  Sad?  No. Awesome!
You know that any movie with Jason Segel is going to be great, but then you throw in everyone else in this movie and it's amazing.  Whenever we can't decide on a movie this is what goes in. You can't loose.

There seems to be a pattern here... I like funny movies.  Why not? They make you happy!

So, if by some chance you haven't seen any of these movies watch them now.
Seriously.  Go.


  1. OMG...Overboard is one of my most favorite movies EVER!!!


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