You really are what you eat!

I feel like I need to just throw this out there, as a reminder to myself, and maybe to you.
If you eat like crap, you feel like crap!

I have been eating so SO good, and ate so not good today and feel gross.

So, now I'm going to bed sluggish and yucky, and tomorrow I am starting bright and early
with a nice, super green juice! Refreshed and awesome!


  1. Isn't that weird how when you don't eat "good" your body totally tells you? I am trying to eat so much more healthy..but it is NOT easy!!


    1. I ate so much crap this weekend at my parents lakehouse and went to the gym Sunday lie I was sweating out so much sodium! It felt so good!

  2. I hate when I have a bad day mixed in with a bunch of good days, because it makes the bad day feel that much worse!


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