My crazy dog = good laughs

So, my little Lilly dog is an obsessive freak.
I can say this because I'm her mom! lol!
I bring this up because she has been living with
 a cone on her head for about a month now.
It's pretty annoying, but it makes just about everything she does funny.
So, here are some pictures to make you laugh a little.

See, a cone head dog... funny.


  1. Okay my dog had to have one of these, and seriously it was like the funniest thing EVER! Life was never as grand, HA!

  2. awww your dog is so adorable! im a huge animal lover! your blog is adorable!! new follower!

    xx Kelly

  3. Aww...your dog is so cute! I bet she is so much fun! Stopping by from the live laugh rowe blog hop. Nice blog and love this post! Following via GFC- hope to see you around soon!

  4. Found your blog via the Blog Hop. I’m your newest GFC follower!


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