delicious pomegranates

Me and my cousin on our way to get our trees!

He ALWAYS knows when there is clean laundry to lay on!

Actually put on some 'big girl' clothes for my work holiday party. ;)

Holiday nails + yummy tea = a good night

cheers to me finally decorating my tree!

Some of my grandma's vintage 'shiny brite' bulbs. I love them!

I don't know if it's made it to your Chipotle or not, but it's at mine! Woot!
Hope your week was great!  Mine is better now that it's Friday night! =)
I just finished watching Christmas Vacation with the hubby!

It will always be funny... always!

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  1. I love that top you wore to your work party, so adorable!

    And great job on the candy cane nail, I'm thinking of giving that a shot! = )

    Have a great weekend!

  2. i love your holiday nails! and the be.a.u.ti.ful vintage ornaments! i just can't seem to get enough of those. i'm a new follower...follow me back, if you'd like. :) -- Hilary

  3. omg what fun nails :) just came across your blog and just love it!

  4. super cute - love it!
    your newest follower,

  5. What! Brown rice at Chipotle! I'm pumped! Thanks for sharing that tip.


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