All for the sparkle

Remind me again why I continue to paint my nails when the next day they look like this?!

Oh yeah, it's because they look so good {for a little while} all cute and sparkly. :) 
Well, I guess I'm off to paint them again! Let's see how much damage I can do tomorrow...


  1. I hate that this happens!! I'm constantly applying top coat when my nails are done up so it doesn't! I'm a new follower from "everyday is a new adventure."

  2. This is why I have to get acrylic nails. I know how bad it is, but I would be paining my nails every day!

    I found your blog over at Ruthie's and I'm so glad
    I did! New follower:)


  3. hahah I FEEL YOU! Isn't it the truth?! This is why I want to try that Shellac stuff have heard so much about. Loving your blog! Happy I found it!


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