Insta-Friday & Recovering from Christmas

I'm back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  I'm still recovering form the festivities, and I still have a second Christmas this weekend!  It's become almost a tradition to have Christmas after Christmas with the hubby's family.  Works for me since I am such a procrastinator!  Plus, it prolongs Christmas a little bit more.  Win win, right?!  I'd share my photo's from Christmas with you, but I was lame and didn't pull out my camera once!  There were two fancy pant cameras out all night, so I just picked one up and shot away.  The only problem with that is I didn't come home with any!  I have to wait for them all. =(

So, here is what I do have in pictures, from my phone {I always have that on me}

First things first, If you follow me on twitter than you might have seen my post about making the most random Christmas present ever.  Well, I couldn't share pictures then, because it was a Christmas gift, duh... So, here it is...

A panda spewing a rainbow!!!
The whole time I was making it I was thinking to myself 'wow, I can't believe I am making this!' and then I would giggle at myself a bit, and then continue on.  I feel like I should also explain why I would make this for my brother to begin with.  See, he is the most random kid I know.  He loves the goofiest stuff, including panda's and especially panda's spewing rainbows!  Seriously, he has a shirt with it, and it was his facebook picture for a while.  Also, every year he asks for money, and that's not how I roll, so this is what he got!  This was my first attempt at applique, so I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, I even put in a zipper, which scared me a little, but it turned out great.  And, most importantly he loved it!

As it turns out, we are quite the crafty family!  My aunt made this for me and Matt

Isn't that amazing!?!  She has made a few of them now, and a m so excited to get one for myself!  I keep telling her she needs to sell them, they are way too cute!

Also, my little sister {who is 15} made this awesome piece for Matt

I think it is so neat that she took the time to make something so thoughtful and so much fun!

Christmas day was pretty nice, we just ate, drank and hung out.

... see the hanging out going on. =)

Also, since it's Christmas my friend came home for a visit from Rhode Island, so we hit up the thrift stores of course!  I scored majorly on jeans and shoes, but the shoes make a much better picture, see...

I'm pretty sure I paid less than $5 a pair. Yay for thrifting!

I hope you all are enjoyed your week.  Have a marvelous Friday night!

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  1. Great photos! Love you blog! Hope you had a Happy New Year!!


  2. Cute shoes. You found some good deals!

  3. Too bad you didn't have a picture of the quilt your Mom made for your Aunt on Christmas!


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