Sewing projects for the baby boy

Since I've been itching to sew something, but haven't quite gotten the time yet, I've just been collecting ideas! Since they are pretty fun I thought I'd share them too!

I think this 'little man gown' from The Cottage Home is too cute!

and this whale plush is so fun!

As Sage is growing out of his clothes faster than I can stand, I've been wondering what to do with all the super cute onesies that he barely (if at all) wore. I found this the other day, and just might give it a try, it's a baby hat made out of onesies from The Sewing Rabbit

And because I'm a hoarder thrifty gal, and have lots of old shirts waiting to be turned into something cool, I thought this idea from Small Fry is fabulous!

So, durring nap time one of these days, when there isn't a pile of laundry to fold, or a sink of dishes to do, I will be making one of these... I really want to sew up a ring sling too! So many ideas, so little time!

Do you have any fun boy projects to share? There seem too be far less boy things out there compared to all the girly patterns!


  1. Um, that whale plushie is just too stinkin cute! Can't wait to see what you create :]

  2. Sewing for the boys...Cool. I have a baby boy. I am looking forward for the post now.


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