It's been two months...

I can hardy believe that it's been two months since my little man came into this world! On one hand it seems like he has been here forever, but it also seems like just yesterday I was holding that positive test in my hands!

I know I haven't been very present around here lately, {getting a routine down takes some time} but things are going great! Sage is growing like a weed, and already seems more like a little man than a baby! He sleeps really well, and I am sooo thankful for that! Momma needs her sleep! He's smiling and talking {gooo's and ahooo's mostly} and is the cutest baby ever! I know every mom says that about their baby, but look at this picture and tell me i'm wrong!

See why I've been absent?! How could you not want to snuggle that all day??!!

I still plan on getting all my snuggles in everyday, but I also plan on posting on a regular basis again. Definitely with some mom and baby stuff, getting back to our garden, and hopefully some fun projects too! I'm itching to turn on my sewing machine again!

So, until next time... which should be soon!


  1. How exciting!I am expecting in January and super pumped. What a sweetheart, I'd snuggle all day too :)

  2. My little monster is also 2 months! I'm doing what I can to post every other day. It's late, and he's been asleep several hours, which means he'll be up soon. But I wanted to write a few posts so that I'll be free for a week or so! I'm set until next Tuesday :)

    Anyway I feel your pain/joy/excitement/exhaustion! We are in the same boat. :)

    And I have to baby is the cutest ever. *wink*


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