Hey everyone! I hope you have had a great week! I know I have!
I've mostly been doing baby prepping, but we made it out to the beach a few times too!
I only have a few pictures this week, so it's short and sweet!

I've been working on a few baby sewing projects this week. The big belly isn't helping much!
I made a few up-cycled wool soakers for baby. They turned out pretty cute, and cost about a dollar each!
I don't know where this little guy came from, or if it's a good or bad bug, but they are all over the garden!
Stopped at the beach just to check out the waves, and look for whales. He saw one, I didn't. I always miss it!
Have a great Friday, and enjoy the weekend! Especially if you are lucky enough to have a long one!


  1. Just saw your comment on my blog and I am stopping by yours!

    Love it and hope you continue to follow me!



  2. Just found your blog from the bloglovin hop! Your blog is adorable!

  3. Frantic Mama now follows you (from the Happy Kid Inc. Bloglovin' Blog Hop)! Great blog, and congrats on your pregnancy!

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