A day in nature

This weekend was so nice! We pretty much are in a coastal climate, which stays cool for the most part, but we are a short drive from some really warm weather. I think this weekend you'd call it hot, not warm! We left our house and it was about 75 degrees, got into the hills and it was 101 at one point! It was kind of amazing! We like the heat, it's what we are used to!

Being 100 degrees we went looking for water and a chill place to hangout for the day, we found the best little spot!
It was so nice! I think it was more like 90 degrees down by the creek, so it was perfect!
We spent the day just lounging, enjoying nature, and we even got in a game of cribbage!

We found the cutest little frog who kinda hung out with us too! I was hoping to see him catch a bug or something, but he was just hanging out.
It was pretty nice just spending the day with this handsome guy!
And since it was Mother's Day, and I'm pretty much a mother now Matt got in a big belly shot of me! Beware, it's big! Oh, and in a bikini! Lol!
I can't believe that my belly has another month of growing to do!

On our way out {and while we were there} we noticed a ton of trash everywhere! Mostly beer bottles and cans left by a bunch of drunk idiots. I really don't get the whole 'leave your trash all over the place' thing! So, we decided to go around and pick up all the bottles and cans we could see... while still in my bikini too! 
 Made for a funny picture, a big preggo lady holding multiple beer cans! lol! But seriously, this was a pretty small spot we were at, and look at how much crap we picked up!
I'm sure none of you would leave such crap behind, but do me a favor and punch anyone you see doing this square in the face! You can tell them it's from me! We picked up what we could, but there was broken glass all over the place! It looked like people were intentionally throwing bottles into the creek! I really don't know what is wrong with people... I'm assuming they were dropped on their heads or something!

Anywho.... It got me thinking, if all of us awesome, un-douchy people spent a few minutes picking up what these morons leave behind wherever we are, it totally could make a difference. We probably spent about 5 minutes and made a big difference in this one spot. If I actually had gloves we could have done even more. {there are somethings I'm not touching with my bare hands!}

Even just picking up one thing on the street or on a trail here and there adds up! So think about it next time you see trash somewhere. It's not your responsibility to clean up after others, but it sets a good example, and maybe it will start a chain of good deeds! Who knows?!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and now week! I know I did, even on trash duty!


  1. Looks like a pretty cool spot to hang (with the cute lil froggy too!). It's awesome that you picked up all that trash. Drives me crazy how much stuff people leave behind without even thinking about it and how it can ruin such a beautiful place. You're awesome!

  2. I can't stand when people litter either, way to go! It looks like heaven there :)

  3. cutest preggo lady everrr! I hate people that turn such gorgeous places into their trash cans!
    xo Jessica
    totally following you-can't wait to see more


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