Photo a day challenge Link up!

Its time for round 2!!

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Oh you have no idea what I'm talking about?  
Just click here for the full details on how to join us! 
   Don't worry if you're "behind," Just jump right in!

If you are already in the know, this is your chance to link up!
 Both blogs and Instagram profiles are welcome and 
before you link up, please make sure to follow all 3 of the hosts. 
Here are my photos for the week. My Instagram has not been nice to me, so I missed a day and doubled up on one. Oh well.

Day 6: happy plate
Day 7: Black and white
Day 8: New baby stuff
Day 9: He slept in this bag instead of his bed, priceless
Day 10 & 11: Getting this dirty dog clean!

 Now on to Week 2! Let's see what you've got!


  1. how fun I never remember to take photos much less post them

  2. Love that pic of the railroad tracks- beautiful! Found your blog through the link up! Following <3 Alex


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