Oh baby!

I'm back from the baby shower! It was so much fun! I'm so glad I got to see everyone!
It was a long drive there and back, but so worth it.

Here's a picture from the shower. I should have more soon!

 I'm so glad I had a dress that still fit over this big belly!

Since I've been back I've been going through all the fun baby stuff and trying to figure out where it is all going to go! {I'm pretty sure stacks in the living room won't cut it!}

I'm also trying to figure out what we still need. I think it's mostly down to some more cloth diapers and a few small things. Yay!

Having all this little stuff around is getting me even more excited for this little one to come! Only 8 more weeks! Wow, that's really soon, and I guess if baby comes early it could be 5 weeks! Eeeek! I'm going to go with 8!

I know a lot of you are moms already, so, do you have any advice for this cloth diapering-organic loving-soon to be- mom?! Is there anything you just couldn't live without? Or that made your life so much easier?


  1. Ahh, that dress is so cute, and your bump is just adorable! Home stretch!

  2. What a gorgeous picture of you! Love to hear others advice on cloth diapering as well. I know we plan on using Bum Genius brand but this will be our first go at it.

  3. Here is a blog post about lambswool pad. This is my niece's blog and she lives a lifestyle similar to yours. Clean eating, healthy, organic, simple!


    Best to you and Matt!

    Mary (Your mom's friend)

  4. You are beautiful!!! Love the bump

  5. Gorgeous pic! My only advice is that if you are offered help, take it! BTW....love the dress!

  6. cute dress and advice sleep or relax when baby does


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