Insta-Friday catch up!

So, I when I went to start this weeks insta-friday post I realized I skipped not just last week {because I was gone} but the week before too! So, here are my insta-pics pre-grand canyon trip!

crackle nails! I hadn't done this since they were cool 15 years ago! So fun!
Visited my old stomping grounds
went out with the girls and this is what happened!
good disguise, huh?!
I couldn't resist! If there is a large statue it screams sit on me!
I love this guy!
Enjoying the warm weather and the last of the sunflowers!
The cutest nephew ever! He LOVES to throw the ball! Look at that face!
This is cricket. She is always the first to greet me every time I pull into the in-laws.
Peacock! They were everywhere!
Poofy. Matt's parents got her when we were first dating. She is so sweet!
Lovin' on the birthday boy! He's too cute!
Melons!!! I could eat them all day every day!
Poor Winston got chased up a tree by the neighbor dog. I was pretty glad he made it up there though.
Slightly all over the place, but that's how this past month has been!


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