at home dilemmas of an interior designer

Say you wanted me to design your living room.
I'd ask you a few questions, maybe show you a few pictures, find out what you really need and take some measurements.
Then I'd come back with a whole wonderful design, you'd be happy and that would be it.

NOW, lets go to my house. I quickly got it to unpacked and livable then stopped.

I have too many ideas, too many likes, too many options, and I stare at it all day thinking of new ones...

I'd say this is not uncommon in the design field. I even had a teacher once that told us 'your house will never be done, and will always be the last thing you want to do!'

It's so true! Before it was that I was designing and sewing and painting all day at work, so it was the last thing I wanted to do when I got home.

But now, I'm just overwhelmed, not only by options, but by the funkiness of our house. We are currently renting, so no painting, taring down stupid dropped ceilings or replacing a soooo outdated kitchen.
I have made peace with this now, and am moving forward!

I already know that i want to cover the {ugly paneling} walls with art and pictures, take down the tacky blinds that only half work and hang curtains instead and have Matt make us some sweet new furniture! We pretty much sold everything when we moved.

Then I can re-evaluate.

Before starting any project I always look for good inspiration.
Then I find the theme from everything that caught my eye, and go from there.
So, here is my inspiration as of now. and yes, it's on my pinterest!

So, it looks like a neutral pallet of white, grays and woods with pops of color here and there.
I'd say my style is a bit mixed. Thriftstore-modern-industrial. That's a thing. Seriously.

Now I have to do it! That's the hard part, getting motivated. But, I'm there, ready to DO!

How do you get motivated for big projects?


  1. I like your style :) I myself like a neutral wall with pops of color in the decor. I can totally relate with the lack of motivation and feeling overwhelmed! I just try to take it 1 area of a room at a time.

  2. I am loving all of this great inspiration!! I can't wait to own a home... slash just a place that is bigger than our 531 sq ft apt.

    Just found your cute blog! I am your newest follower, would love for you to stop by and follow along if you'd like :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself! I feel you rental pain, not being able to paint and get rid of less than desirable things (paneling and dropped ceilings) would make me a sad panda for sure. Although with Pinterest I think renting might not be so bland. I'm excited to see what you come up with!

    Nikki Kelly @ the ambitious procrastinator


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