International Day of Happiness

Kind of funny that we need to declare a day to be happy, but it is always good to stop and appreciate the things that make you happy.

So, what is something that makes happy?

My number one thing that always makes me happy is this little man

That little face brightens every part of my day. Just look at that smile... pure happiness.

Today I am going to make sure and capture all the things that make me happy and share them with the world through instagram.  That is the point of the day, to remind others of what really matters in life.

Join me, and help inspire others to find their happiness by sharing your pictures with the world. Make sure to tag your photos with #happinessday so we can all see what makes you happy!

If you want to see what I share today, make sure to follow me on instagram. My username is AmerynMarie. Want us to checkout what you are sharing? Leave your username in the comments.

Now go out and enjoy your day, and remember to capture all the things that bring you joy!


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