This week I turned 28. I'm officially in my late twenties... yes, I was counting 27 as mid twenties.
27 was such an amazing year, it's going to be a hard one to top. The only thing that can top having a baby is going to be seeing him grow in the next year! He is already getting so big it's amazing. It's funny trying to think of what I want to do in this next year, and all I can think about is watching my little boy grow and taking in every small change as it happens. The past five months that he's been here have gone by way too fast, I know the next year is going to do the same, and I'm not going to miss one single bit of his cuteness! That's my goal for the next year, tough I know! ;)

...like that cuteness. {he doesn't get the whole photobooth = funny face thing yet... or even the making funny faces thing at all!} So, here's to 28! I'm sure it'll be a fantastic year!


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