Fall is for the crows

Fall has finally reached us here. Since we have a coastal climate the difference is subtle.

Cooler nights. A nip in the air. Pumpkins everywhere. And, my favorite, the return of the crows.

I love when the crows are out in full force. I'm not sure where they hide out the rest of the year, but right now they are everywhere, and it's great!

Our neighbor has a walnut tree that they flock to right now. They fly in, grab a walnut, fly out to the street and drop them on the hard ground to break them open. Pretty smart, right. I can hear them dropping out my window right now. It's such a simple sound, but it always puts a smile on my face.

When I'm driving and see a walnut in the road, I always try to hit it and crack it open for them.
My aim isn't dialed in yet this year, I mostly miss them so far. lol.

Does anyone have a, not so obvious, thing that really makes it Fall?


  1. I think crows are AWESOME. I hope we get some around here. So far, the only huge sign of fall, besides that nights are pretty cold, are the huge pumpkin patches everywhere that make me spazz out with glee :] Happy Autumn!!!

  2. I have been terrified of crows ever since I saw that Alfred Hitchcock movie! But I know what you mean, I love all the signs of fall and the crisp in the air!


  3. you are so beautiful! love your blog :)


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