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So, we have been spending a whole lot of time in our garden lately. Digging and planting and weeding! One of our well meaning neighbors saw us hoeing and picking weeds and asked why we weren't spraying them with round-up...

When we told him that we preferred to not spray toxins in our yard, especially around the food we are growing, he just didn't understand. "It's so much easier to spray"..."It won't kill your plants"..."You don't need to do all that work"

We told him about the run off and that we just didn't want to use poisons in our yard. Then we explained that we use vinegar to kill the weeds that are left after we've gone though and 'weeded'.

He didn't seem to understand why we were doing it the way we are, but eventually just dropped it and went on his way.

After this encounter I noticed how many people in our neighborhood were out spraying round-up all over their yards! All around their plants, along their fences, in every crack in the sidewalk!

I was amazed!

Don't the know how BAD round-up is for EVERYTHING?! Their health, their pets, the rivers and our water sources! They must not, or they wouldn't be doing it. Or would they? Do they think that is their only option?...Yes, I was getting a little worked up on my drive through town!

So, now I'm here to share with all of you that plain white vinegar KILLS weeds! 

Weeds + Vinegar + Sun = Dead Weeds! It's that simple!

Let's weigh the facts:
Toxic Chenmicals
Kills your soil
Creates 'Super' weeds and bugs
Kills or mutates benifecial bugs in your yard
Not safe to use around kids or pets {I don't care what they might say!}

It's completely natural and not toxic
 Kills the weeds
Does NOT hurt your soil
Safe to use anywhere!
Oh, and it's cheap!

Seems pretty clear to me! 
So, please give it a try next time you are fighting the weeds in your yard! It works, I swear!


  1. Great to know! We don't believe in using harmful toxins to help our garden either! Some people... just too impatient or ignorant. Hard to tell which sometimes.

  2. I actually found out about this a couple of days ago. (literally) I never knew that! It is sad to know many people are oblivious about things that affect them and their loved ones. I wish schools educated the kiddoes a bit more about all the environmental hazards/dangers out there. Anyways, I 'll get off my soapbox now. Thanks for sharing this, Ameryn! xo!

  3. I agree! I use vinegar, and salt in the really thick spots where I want NOTHING growing, like my driveway :)

  4. i have been reading about this but just wasn't sure if it really worked. i am all for trying non toxic products especially with a very curious dog lol. so you just put vinegar in spray bottle and go to town?


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