My that's an ugly sweater!

So you might remember from last year that Matt's family has been taking a picture every year since 01-01-01 on the fun dates, 02-02-02, 03-03-03... Well, this is the last year 12-12-12! I'm not totally sure what we are doing for the picture, but it sounds like it will be in the snow, and there will be ugly Christmas sweaters involved! I do have a stash that I've been acquiring over the years, but I need to find them! LOL! Plus I've wanted to add lights to one of my sweaters for a while now, which I bought, but again have to find!
Hopefully I can find it all by tomorrow, or I'll be hitting up some thrift stores on our way up! Since I couldn't find mine to show you, I found some on pinterest, they are pretty great!

Reindeer spewing Christmas... love it!

And this, if you could actually wear this for a whole night then you are pretty awesome!

Well, I guess I better go start the hunt for those uglys! See you in a few days!
Have a great 12-12-12!!!

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  1. Haaaa that one with the reindeer coming out of it is hilarious!! :) Merry ugly sweater time!


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