Christmas wrap up

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas!
We did! We had a super low key week. It was really nice!
I started by making some cookies, to get in the spirit! I made the full o' sugar, fluffy frosting, all kinds of sprinkles kind for the neighbors, and then some super simple and delicious vegan sugar cookies for us! I can't say they were healthy, but at least WAY less bad for you!

Oh yeah, and they were woodland critters! So much fun! The moose was the a big hit!

The in-laws came out Christmas eve, and then we headed out to Morro Bay to visit some family on Christmas day. It was so nice to see everyone and just hangout. When we got there we walked into the yard and saw this...

An almost 20 foot tall snowman!!! Matt's uncle is a bit of a tinker-er and comes up with the craziest things! This pretty much made the night! Here's a close up.

Pretty neat! Of course we all had to take photos with him!
Here's the family...

and the whole group!

Pretty neat! Oh, and someone got a brand new cute as can be lab puppy! {No, it wasn't me, Lilly is enough for now!}

She was too cute! I of course had to get in some puppy snuggles and some of that puppy breath!

I think I could have let her eat my nose just to smell that!

We ended the night inspecting for a baby bump! lol! It wants to come out, and has started to pop, but isn't always there. It popped slightly, so we got a picture...

So, there's my Christmas present, a growing little peanut pushing out a little belly.
I'm good with that!

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  1. So cute! Love that puppy and you are gonna be the cutest preggers person ever!! Glad you had a great Christmas!


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