Vegan sushi time!

Hey everyone!  I have been super busy lately, and haven't had time to post.  I still am, BUT, I'm sneaking in a quick one!
The other night we made some vegan sushi and it was delish! {and easy too!}
So, here are a few photos from the other night.
Sorry in advance for all the drooling that is about to take place!

Lay out your nori sheets

Chop up whatever yummy veggies you like.  We did carrots, daikon radish, green onions, cucumber and avocados.

Layer your sticky rice and veggies like so...

Roll it up... like a pro!

Cut.  Put on a cute plate and garnish with yummy sauces!

Enjoy your guilt free sushi!

This seriously is super easy and soooo good!  Give it a try.  I know you will love it!


  1. I'll take a roll, please! Will be trying this one soon as I received a sushi kit for Christmas and have yet to take it out of the box! New to your blog and glad I found your creative space on the web:D

  2. omg, these look amazing! I'm a vegetarian trying to go vegan and I would LOVE this! Where can you get nori sheets? I really want to make this- like right now LOL!


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