Pom Pom Tutorial

I've had a few friends ask me about the fun Pom Poms I made for Melissa's baby shower. So, I thought I'd share it with everyone. :)

I used this tutorial I found from Martha Stewart but modified it a little to make Poms for the table instead of to hang.  Basically you stack tissue paper, fold it like an accordion, tie the middle with wire, cut the edges, and pouf! Pretty simple, though slightly time consuming if you are making a ton, like I did.  On her tutorial she has a very specific size for the tissue paper, but I played around with the sizes a lot.  I think I ended up making 4 different sized Poms. Also, since I was making flat bottom Poms instead of full Poms I used 5 or 6 sheets of tissue paper instead of the 8 that the full Poms call for.

Here is what you will need to do this project...

Tissue paper, scissors, wire and pliers...the longboard is optional, but recommended  ;)

Here is an up close view of my first finished Pom...

and here they are out on our giant table...

I love that big table!

Well, I hope that satisfies any curiosities.  If anyone decides to make them I'd love to see them in use!  We liked them so much that we found a place to keep them to use again!


  1. Hello from Texas! I was just looking through blogs that talked about juicing and landed on yours...Welcome to BlogLand!

  2. Thanks! I do love juicing! I'll have to share a juice post soon! ;)


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