Insta -Friday!

It's been a while! Let's see what we got...

Silly dog
Couldn't get any of them to look at the camera
Pick me some flowers, cuz' he's the best!
Love to snuggle with this guy when he will let me
Our garden in full bloom!
From our trip to the snow
Seriously... I had to ask what this was!
They love each other.
Look who got a big girl camera!
Rainbow juice... it starts out pretty, then looks like mud!
Cookie time!
These were my non-vegan not healthy at all cookies for the neighbors. LOL!
and yes, those are ostriches! I think I'll have to post more on them!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. haha- all the animals looking away! I can never get my dang cat to look at the camera unless he is about to scratch my face off coz he's angry at me.....

  2. Hi Ameryn, thanks for visiting my blog! Congrats to you! Hope some day we can meet up. I have a lot of great resources for mommy's to be. My next door neighbor is a Doula and certified Lamaze coach. I plan to take the Lamaze classes in March, if you want to sign up with your hubby its a great tool. Also I go to prenatal yoga once a week on Wednesdays if you want to come let me know!


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