I think I could get use to being a beach bum

I just got home from such a nice trip.  You know what I did all weekend?...
I sat at the beach!!!  That's it.  It was amazing!  
We went Saturday, and back for more on Sunday!
I got a wee bit of a sun burn on my face, but, it was worth it.  

I even got in a wetsuit and got in the water.  {nope, didn't get a picture}
But it was great!  I swam with DOLPHINS!!!
Well, they were pretty close, I'm counting it as swimming with them!
A seal did pop up right next to us!  Kinda scared me, I'm not gonna lie.
Seal = Shark! lol!

Lilly had sooo much fun!  She totally swam in the ocean!
And then rolled in the sand like a crazy dog!

She's a nut!

It really was a great time!  and so relaxing! Even the loooong drive home wasn't bad.

See, long! { I may have shaved off about and hour though}

Plus, Lilly does make for a pretty cute road companion, which doesn't hurt at all!

 Now I'm back home, counting down the days I get to go back!


  1. oh so fun! your companion is adorable. even when rolling in the sand.

  2. Your Lilly is SO cute, we have a JR too named Bella. Hey there new here, found you through the blog hop. Happy to be your newest follower. Looks like you had a great day at the beach. I'm looking forward to some beach days this summer, but our summer season hasn't arrived yet in Seattle.

    1. Oh and I almost forgot, I want to invite you to a pet lovers monthly link up that I do , you can find it here ;
      I would love to have you join in.

  3. Sunburn Schmunburn! :) At least you got to go to the beach! WAHOO!


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