Ribbon Jewelery Frame

I have been in need of a new solution for my earrings for a while now.  I have a neat stand that my husband made me years ago out of perforated stainless, but it was better for posts than 'hook' earrings.  So, I thought I'd go ahead and make myself something I could attach all kinds of earrings on. And I came up with this.

And, since I was making it I figured I could share! So, here we go.  You only need three things to make this project:

an old (or new) frame - which I happened to have saved for something like this

ribbon - I chose a semi-stiff transparent ribbon, so I could poke earrings through easily

and last but not least -  hot glue

First thing's first, take your old frame...

and remove the print, glass and backing.
Now you will have a blank frame.

I measured out where I wanted my ribbon, but you can eyeball it if you want.  Next dab a little bit of hot glue on one of your marks and attach your ribbon.

After it has cooled down a bit I like to add another layer of hot glue on top, and fold down the tail of the ribbon.  It looks like a globby mess of hot glue, but it should hold well.

Attach all the ribbons to one side and let them cool before attaching them to the other side.

Do the same on the other side, making sure to pull the ribbon pretty tight. Cut off any extra ribbon.  And you're done!

Super fast and easy project that is super cute and practical!

Now I just have to finish filling it with all my earrings!

If you make one yourself I would love to see them! It could be so fun with different ribbon, or painting the frame a fun color.  Hope you enjoyed!


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