oh, hi.

It's amazing how time flies when you have an adorable baby to kiss, hold, take care of, and just stare at all day! Somehow I've managed to let more than a week go by without so much as thinking about looking at the blog! Yikes!

Last weekend we took a really long and way too short trip for my cousin's baby shower. That sounds a little weird, so let me explain... We drove 7 hours, straight to the shower on Saturday morning, visited with a few friends and family on Sunday and drove back home Sunday night! All the driving was exhausting, and we definitely did not get enough visiting time! If we could have I think we would have stayed all week!

It was a lot of fun though, seeing everyone, and seeing my cousins big ol' baby bump! I'm so excited that Sage will have a cousin so close in age! They are going to have so much fun together!

I wish I would've taken some pictures, it was such a cute shower, but, I was busy with Sage. The little stinker was up pretty much the whole drive being cute for me, and was SO tired when we got there. He was NOT a happy camper!

So, besides that busy weekend, my only excuse for not keeping up around here is one handsome little boy. Which is a pretty amazing reason if you ask me!

Insta-Friday time!!!

It's been a long time since I've done an instagram post! So... I'll skip quite a few (mostly pictures of Sage) and just give you a peek at what's been going on around here. If you want to see the immense amount of baby pictures, (they are pretty cute) then you can follow me @amerynmarie.

We like to get some sun time in pretty much every day.
CORN! This has been a staple food lately! and yes, sometimes I eat on the kitchen floor!
and this is why! How else could I almost get my cat to eat corn on the cob?!
Another staple: morning oats!
LOVE these red sunflowers from the garden! They looked almost black in person!
Took a little trip up to Figueroa Mountain, it's so pretty up there.
This is the center of one of our giant sunflowers! Isn't that so neat!
Sage finally met Kule up close, he couldn't keep his eyes off of him!
Look at those eyes! Getting bluer everyday!
Dandelions grow free in our yard!
Took a little family hike.
Matt made this, just to make it, one day. Pretty fun.
Well, I'll leave it at that! Have a great weekend everyone!

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