Here's what I've been up to this week!

We got some tasty melons from our garden... in NOVEMBER! Crazy!

and watermelon
Found this cool structure someone made at the beach!
game night!
Our fall garden is coming along!
Seriously obsessed with this right now! It's the best!
mmmmm... mashed potatoes!
We've had very chilly mornings, making it really hard to get out of bed!
When the sun came out we were all pretty happy!
Wanted to make some lemon poppy seed muffins, but I ended up with a Scuffin {part scone part muffin} They taste good whatever they are!
Hope you have a great Friday!!! I'm off to hit up some thrift stores!

Thinking about Thanksgiving

The past few years we have done Thanksgiving at the in-laws, which is great because my MIL can cook! Plus she makes most things vegan, so we can eat pretty much everything but the turkey! This year we are going to my aunts, which is going to be so much fun, but I feel like I should make something amazing and vegan to bring along. So, where do I turn? Pintrest of course! I have found tons of yummy things to try, I'm just not sure what to do yet. Here are my top picks so far.

Crispy Sweet Potato Enchiladas

Stuffed Mushroom Phyllo Roll

Mushroom, Lentil, and Wild Rice Timbales

Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms

Vegan Harvest Pies

But then there are amazing deserts too!

Like the classic:
Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Or this really fun:
Pumpkin Pie Tortilla Rolls

Those I'd have to 'healthy' up a bit, but they are just too cute!

I'm sure I'll eat a whole lot of stuff {or stuffing} that I wouldn't normally eat everyday. And I'll probably be a little lax on the vegan thing and let some stuff slide. My uncles mom makes the BEST berry pie in the world, I bet it's not vegan, but I'm going to eat it anyway! LOL! A little butter won't kill me!

Anyone else trying something different this year? Or do you have to have the traditional Thanksgiving meal?

I know if I don't get mashed potatoes and stuffing, it's not Thanksgiving! And if I don't eat at least one olive off my finger it might as well have been just another Thursday.

Share your style!

I signed up a while back for a fun Share Your Style Swap, basically you get paired up, figure out what the other person likes and send them a hair goody that is both a little them and a little you. I got paired up with Jenn from One Thrifty Chick . It seemed we had pretty similar style with the exception of her just chopping her hair to a cute shot cut and mine is getting longer by the minute! So with some web stalking and some hair clip making skills I whipped her up a fun little clip and sent it on it's way.

A few days later I got a box in the mail, much larger than I would think you would need for a cute little hair accessory... turns out she not only sent me a cute headband, she sent me a fun hat too! I feel super spoiled!

So, here is the fun headband

And the hat!

I started feeling silly taking pictures of myself... can you tell!?! LOL!

This was super fun and will totally do it again if they do another one!
Here's a link to the party so you can check out all the other swaps!

Share Your Style


Friday... we meet again! Where has this week gone? Good thing I've taken photos, otherwise I might not remember! lol!

Our garden is BLOOMING!!!
Woke up to chickens in our yard one day! It was pretty fun!
Made the best veggie spaghetti ever!
Halloween goodies, which I still have TONS of! We got like 10 trick-or-treaters!
Dressed for the occasion and ready to eat little goblins!
This cat is a crack up!
Vegan sushi! So yummy!
They love our yard!
Spinach, apple and banana smoothie!
And pretzels... duh!
Happy Friday everyone!!!

Pinned it and did it!

So most of the time the things I pin pretty much stay there... as pins. BUT, this week I have done not one, but TWO things that I pinned! I know, pretty awesome right!?!

So the first thing is this adorable little lamb hat.

I found this about a year ago and knew I would have to make it for my kids one day! So I pinned it and showed it to a friend... she almost died! She said I HAD to make her one when she had a baby, and now she is, so I made it!
The one I pinned however was for sale, not a pattern, but I found a similar pattern here and got to work.

She is going to love it!!!

And the second thing I pinned the other day and haven't stopped thinking about it, so I made it!
Soft Pretzels! OMG! Seriously the best thing ever! Plus they are vegan!

I followed her recipe, but used coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, and by the time I added 4 cups of flour I decided there was no way it could take any more, so I stopped there. Also, the recipe says to cook for 20 minutes, but I took one sheet out at 14 and one out at 17 {they obviously weren't cooking even}. I probably could have done less, one sheet turned out a little crispy. But they taste delicious! Especially with mustard!

MMMMM...That's the best way to eat them!!!

I think I'm going to keep this up! The whole pinning then DOing thing!

Is there any Pinterest project you've done lately?

Some changes + a sweet deal!

Ever just feel like you need a change? Well, I feel like that right now.

So, I'm starting {on the blog at least} with some new sponsorship options.
Yup, I'm taking the plunge and jumping on the passionfruit band wagon!
They make it so easy, it's hard to resist!

So, go check out my sponsorship page and see whats new!

Oh yeah, and since this is all new and exciting all ad spaces are 50% off! Yup, 5-0!!!
Just enter in code nifty50 at check out! Easy peasy!

Living on my sidebar, feeling like a rockstar! Well, maybe a little! ;)

If you haven't tried passionfruit yet it is so easy and takes about a minute to get going, seriously, thats it!

So, that's the first change here, we will see what happens next!

Hello November!!!

I am so excited that November is here because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!
That's right, month! I know I'm not the only one who uses the whole month for their birthday excitement! Now, I'm not going out everyday in full celebration mode, but it is fun to bring up sometimes. Like when we can't decide on dinner...'it's my birthday month' or when my back really needs to be rubbed...'it's my birthday month'! See, it's great!

I also got to start this month with one of my most favorite cousins coming for a visit! It was super fun to have her and her husband down for a few days! We are also heading up to visit family and friends in two weeks for Thanksgiving! It's going to be another very full trip, but it will be awesome!

I love this time of year! Oh and did I mention it is super warm here this week?! It's suppose to be 86 today! Hello shorts in November!

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